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Are You Sitting Too Much? How to Stay Active throughout the Work Day

male professional at work deskIf you are like most office workers, you spend the majority of your workday seated at a desk. However, a recent health study revealed that sitting too much is one of the worst things we can do for our health. The physicians at our clinic for medical weight loss in Dallas, TX, know that those with sedentary lifestyles are more susceptible to obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease. Consider the following tips to help incorporate movement into your day.

Change Your Routine
If you need to speak with a coworker, walk to their office or desk instead of using phone or email. Try parking further away from the entrance, and get in the habit of using the stairwell instead of the elevator. If you normally eat at your desk, use lunchtime as an opportunity to walk to the cafeteria or a nearby lunch spot.

Set a Reminder to Move
Set a reminder on your email calendar or phone to get up, move around, and stretch every hour. Use this time to grab water or go for a quick walk throughout the building.

Track Your Steps
Wearable tech such as FitBits, Apple Watches, and the like are all equipped with step counters. Set your goal and stick to it! If you don’t own one of these activity trackers, a simple pedometer will do.

Pace When Possible
Phone calls and conference meetings don’t always have to be sitting activities. There’s no need to sit while talking, and moving around may even help with stimulating ideas.