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Breathe easy with help from CareFirst Primary & Wellness Center. Our practice is committed to being your source for allergy and asthma treatment in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Allergies and asthma are unfortunately quite common, but our allergy specialists are committed to helping you combat your symptoms.

Asthma & Allergy Specialists in Dallas, TX

If you’re not sure what might be causing your allergies, we will provide you with a wellness exam in Dallas or Fort Worth to review all possible triggers and find the allergy treatment plan that makes the most sense for you.

Contact us today to discover relief with our allergy and asthma treatments.

Our allergy specialists in Dallas, TX, offer options throughout the area.

Our Allergies & Asthma Treatment

Tired of struggling with the debilitating effects of allergies or asthma, or feeling helpless while a child or family member suffers? We have the solutions to get you back to feeling like yourself.

Allergies are more common than you realize. Studies show that as many as one in five people are living with chronic or acute allergy symptoms.

What are Allergies?

Allergies are the reactions of your immune system to dust, mold, certain foods, and other environmental factors. An allergy can cause a severe reaction in the eyes, ears, nose, and throughout the entire body.

Likewise, asthma is a reactionary condition in which a trigger, such as dust, food, mold, or extreme exercise, causes a person’s airways to become inflamed. Inflammation leads those airways to swell and narrow. This makes it difficult to breathe and can be dangerous if not properly treated.


Fortunately, the teams at our healthcare clinics in Dallas and Fort Worth have treatment options for both allergies and asthma. Experience relief from these painful and irritating reactions when you turn to our allergy and asthma specialists. We’ll help you identify the triggers and treat you accordingly.



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