Clinical Trials

If you are interested in receiving affordable, top-quality care while helping the medical field advance, then you might be interested in applying for clinical trials in Dallas, TX. CareFirst Primary & Wellness Center can connect you with clinical studies throughout the region.

Clinical Trials in Dallas, TX

No matter what state your current health might be in, we can find cutting-edge clinics in the area that are providing new treatments and cures for your condition. Visit one of our healthcare clinics in Dallas or Fort Worth for a wellness exam and ask about what clinical trials are available to you.

Joining Clinical Trials

CareFirst Primary & Wellness Center serves the North Texas area by connecting you with the latest studies listed in the region. We locate clinics and provide you with the information you need.

If you believe that you are a match for these trials, few ask that you fill out a short form to send to the sponsoring clinic. Our goal is to help you receive top care while furthering potential cures in these studies. We are committed to the following:

  • Presenting Local Residents with the Right Studies That Meet Their Specific Medical Needs
  • Selecting Paid Medical Trials, Some of Which Are Exclusive to Our Clinic
  • Screening and Hiring Only the Top Medical Professionals in the Field

Contact our primary care clinic in Dallas, TX, to speak with us to find clinical studies that match your eligibility. We connect patients with trials throughout the area.


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