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Turn to Us for Diabetes and Hypertension Treatment in Dallas, TX

Blood Pressure

It is never too early to think about seeking our assistance for diabetes and hypertension treatment. You can learn everything you need to know about heart and blood health when you visit CareFirst Primary & Wellness Center. If you’ve been told you are pre-diabetic or hypertensive during your wellness exam in Dallas, then it is time to discuss what you need to do to stay healthy. Your doctor will assist you with putting together a diabetic or hypertension care plan so that you can manage or improve your condition over time.

Are You Living with Hypertension?

Your blood pumps through vessels as it travels through your body. For those living with high blood pressure, your blood will exert too much pressure on the vessels as it pumps. This pressure can lead to severe health issues, increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Under Stage 1 hypertension, your blood pressure will measure 140/90 or above. Stage 2 measures at 160/100 or higher.

Unfortunately, in most cases, you will not notice signs of hypertension until it is too late. This condition does not cause many symptoms and can result from a variety of different factors. By undergoing regular blood pressure checks, you can determine your current condition and risk of the condition.

Dealing with Prehypertension

If your blood pressure measures 120/80 or above, your doctor may diagnose you with prehypertension. Under this diagnosis, you should pay closer attention to your lifestyle to control your blood pressure before the numbers worsen.

Our hypertension treatment in Dallas includes different lifestyle changes that will affect your overall blood pressure. These changes can consist of reducing your sodium intake, limiting your alcohol intake, and increasing your exercise.

Diabetes and You

Are you pre-diabetic? You’re not alone. Our doctors are very understanding and will help you find a way to best manage your symptoms. If you already have diabetes, we will continue to help you monitor and keep track of your symptoms and blood sugar to ensure you aren’t in any immediate danger.

Contact us today to discover more about our hypertension and diabetes treatment in Dallas, TX. We feature personalized programs for patients throughout the area.