Medical Weight Loss

Successful, Proven Medical Weight Loss

Everyday we hear about some new fad diet promising miraculous results with little or no effort required. The truth is that there is a LOT of misinformation and outright falsehoods being circulated around – usually with some disclaimer in tiny print stating that the the results are not typical & were achieved with diet & exercise. They sound plausible & we want to believe.

While we haven’t discovered any miraculous cures for weight loss, here at Care First Primary & Wellness Center, we have found ways to lose weight & keep it off for the long term that are do-able and not nearly as difficult as most people think. We don’t use gimmicks or make you buy expensive prepared meals from us. Our dietary guidelines allow you to plan your own healthy meals from your choice of delicious foods purchased at your local grocery store.

Our knowledge about weight loss has been gained from our own real-life, successful weight loss experiences, as well as from our numerous successful patients over the years. We will share that knowledge and experience with you and work with you to find a dietary program that fits your needs and lifestyle.