Minor Medical Procedures

Minor Medical Procedures

Here at Care First Primary & Wellness Center we have the expertise and provisions necessary to perform minor medical procedures. These procedures performed in a short time do not pose a great risk. Most can be treated quickly and easily, with or without a local anesthetic.

Abscess Incision & Drainage

When you see pus building up in a confined area that can be tender to the touch, you may be experiencing an infection or a type of abscess. The affected area may become swollen, inflamed and hot, not to mention very sore. Our physicians can ease the pressure quickly and help the body heal the impacted area.


Open wounds may require stitches to keep it closed and encourage the healing process. We gauge the severity of the wound and decide whether sutures or another form of treatment is the best way to help you mend.


A serious burn can be a traumatic injury. We can provide treatment to 1st degree burns (a burn that affects the outer layer of the skin) and 2nd-degree burns (burns that extend into underlying layers of the skin). The physicians at Care First Primary & Wellness Center gently administer treatment helping ease your discomfort.

Immunizations and Vaccinations

Immunizations and vaccines are essential for students and international travelers. Our team of doctors can administer many common travel vaccines as well as all the immunizations required for Most if not all school districts.